Chiropractic and Nutrition in Vernon County: How to Keep Your Cool!

Nutrition can be very confusing. Take this, take that, and certainly don’t take this. Well let’s keep it simple today.

By far the leading researchers in diet and chronic illness’ are in agreement that most chronic diseases thrive in a body that is chronically inflamed. Subclinical inflammation: can’t feel it, can’t see it, can’t taste it, but is very deleterious (harmful) to our health. The main source of this inflammation is diet related due to too much consumption of grains and processed foods. Limit your grain intake and take fish oil to combat this potential disease causing state of inflammation.

What does a sliver in your finger, a foreign object in your eye, and an individual who has had an organ transplant taking an anti-rejection medication for the rest of his/her life have in common? The body totally rejects anything foreign to it as a rule of thumb. So please ponder why your body would make exceptions to man made synthetic vitamins, food coloring, or food additives?

It doesn’t. Take good quality nutritional supplements and become a label reader.

Yours in Health

Dr. Kris

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